September 13, 2021

Fox Sports, the parent company of ESPN, is now offering a free digital version of its popular sports podcast “The Truth About Sports” to people who want to hear more about the topic.

The podcast is available to anyone who subscribes to the Fox Sports app and can listen to it through the Apple app store or Google Play Music.

In addition to talking about extinction, the podcast is also filled with a lot of common misconceptions people have, such as that extinction is a one-time thing, that the world will end, or that extinction can happen in our lifetimes.

According to the podcast, extinction is not an inevitable, inevitable, or inevitable event.

Instead, extinction happens when humans stop responding to natural selection pressures.

In the podcast’s introduction, co-host Ryan McGee says the podcast “exposes the truth about extinction.”

“It’s not a matter of if, but when extinction is going to happen,” he said.

“It’s a matter if the humans in the world continue to take in information about extinction from the outside world.”

The podcast also offers an explanation for why extinction might not be inevitable.

It explains that humans have an evolutionary incentive to survive.

“When a species can survive and reproduce, they are better able to survive in the face of extinction,” McGee said.

“It becomes a self-reinforcing cycle.”

Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that humans’ survival instincts have led to us being able to thrive in a world with increasing extinction threats, including climate change, pandemic, famine, pandemics, and pandemic-driven natural disasters.

But McGee also pointed out that extinction might happen even before humans are able to respond to natural processes.

“There’s a big reason why it’s not inevitable that the human species is going down the path that it is right now, that’s because of the fact that evolution is in the process of taking over the human environment,” he explained.

“The human species has evolved in a way that is designed to take advantage of opportunities that nature presents to it, and the natural world doesn’t present opportunities to humans,” McGee added.

“We are not only adapting to natural systems, but we are also adapting to the human environments that we live in.

We are evolving at a rapid rate.

And the result is that we’re in a situation where we’re constantly adapting to environmental change.”

The Truth about Sports podcast is a free download from Fox Sports.

The full Truth about Extinction podcast can be downloaded for free through the FoxSports app.