September 22, 2021

In an attempt to better understand how the world’s best and brightest develop their minds, the Lad Bible is publishing a series of essays exploring the psychological effects of the pressures of modern life.

Each essay is written by a professional and features the results of a three-week intensive training programme that is designed to train the minds of the world as well as their bodies.

The training aims to expose the mind to a range of themes such as the impact of technology on everyday life, and the psychological impact of the media that surround us.

To read more about the Lad Bibles training programme click here.

The Lad Bible has partnered with the Oxford University Press to offer a special edition of the Lad bible.

It is available for pre-order here.

The Lad bible was created by a group of experienced and ambitious psychologists.

It aims to give them the knowledge they need to tackle the challenges of the modern world, and to make their careers easier.

The first edition of The Lad bible in 2016 included a new section on the mental health effects of social media.

For more information about the The Lad Bounds, please click here .