November 2, 2021

We all have a favorite topic, and if it’s an important issue, it’s one that we often feel like we need to address with a client.

But how do we know what the client wants?

We know that the client feels like the topic is important to them, and that they will likely want to hear more about it.

We also know that they can relate to the topic, because the topic might be a common issue for them.

But we don’t always know what they want to know.

That’s where our counseling psychology practice comes in.

It’s our specialty in counseling clients on issues of social justice, including race, gender, disability, and religion.

We work with clients to build a relationship based on mutual understanding, rather than on a single agenda.

By understanding what the clients are saying and feeling, we can better understand what to say or do to meet their needs.

For instance, if the client says that they don’t feel like they are treated fairly, we might need to understand why they feel that way.

In our counseling practice, we also use humor to address clients’ needs.

It helps us to show that we can be funny and have fun in a professional setting.

And in general, we encourage clients to seek professional help.

For more information, see our counseling services and our online courses.

We’re happy to help.

Our free, confidential counseling is tailored to meet your specific needs.

We offer a one-on-one counseling session, or we can schedule a Skype session for you.

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What can I expect from a counselor?

In addition to our free counseling, we offer a variety of additional services, including: information and resources for families and individuals;