October 26, 2021

By Kate Randall Editor February 07, 2019 06:48:12In the aftermath of the deadly shootings at a historic black church in South Carolina, the nation’s largest newspaper has become a leading advocate for the “Trumpian” psychology of the president.

In an op-ed published Wednesday, the Times reported that Trump “has been a force for a generation of Americans who feel they are entitled to the best of America.

They believe that they deserve it.

They feel they have been unfairly treated.

They don’t think of themselves as losers.

They say they are simply trying to do their best.”

In the op-eds, Times reporters Charles Blow and David Brooks described the psychology of Trump, who they said is “a self-made man” who is “driven by the need to make America great again, by the idea that he has something to prove and to be proud of, by a sense of entitlement and an insatiable drive to be admired.”

But they also described his “flawed judgment” and “insecureness,” and how he has “misdirected” or “misled” his supporters.

“He has shown a willingness to manipulate facts and lie about his record to gain support,” the op tome read.

“In his most recent effort to portray himself as the victim of a racist conspiracy, he went to bat for a white supremacist at a Republican convention in August and suggested that Hillary Clinton’s husband was a racist.

His attacks on the media have included baseless accusations that reporters are racist and a threat to kill a reporter for criticizing him.”

The op-editor noted that Trump has been a target of “unprecedented political attacks” in the past week, including a series of tweets calling for the assassination of the news media, calling the FBI an “enemy of the American people,” and suggesting that journalists and news organizations were “lying to the American public.”

The editorial continued, “This is a president who believes he is entitled to tell the truth and to do the right thing.

But the truth is that he is lying.

He is lying to us.

He lies about what he did, what he is planning, and why he is doing it.

He has not yet demonstrated a clear understanding of how his actions are harming our country and his supporters, and he is failing to live up to his promises to us.”

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