June 21, 2021

A graduate degree in psychology can be an excellent way to broaden your skillset.

For example, if you are a psychologist, then you can take a psychological psychology course to study the field and then apply it to a career in healthcare.

But there are also graduate programs that offer more advanced courses that can teach you about the wider field.

Here are some of the more popular graduate psychology courses in Ireland: The psychology course that is most commonly taught at university is the Psychology Graduate Certificate, which is taught at universities across the country.

This is the most common PhD programme offered in Ireland and has a range of programmes that can include a psychology dissertation, a psychology research project, and more.

In Ireland, there are four different levels of the programme: Graduate students in Psychology with Masters degree (MGMT) (graduate students in psychology who complete a degree at a higher level) A Master in Psychology degree is a PhD in psychology and has an additional two-year component that allows you to take up further courses in psychology. 

The Psychology PhD Programme (PGPD) is a PhD programme that has two modules that can be completed at a postgraduate level and allows you more advanced training in psychology (the PGPD programme can be taken in the second year of a PhD). 

PhD programs in psychology are often very well-known and well-resourced.

The Psychological Psychology Association of Ireland (PSAI) is a body of professionals who provide guidance on the best practices in psychology for psychologists.

The PSAI is the largest organisation of psychology practitioners in Ireland, with more than 60,000 members. 

Psychologists and graduate students can also take part in the Psychic Psychology Fellowship Program which is an academic fellowship offered by the Department of Psychology. 

Graduates in psychology in Ireland have a strong reputation for developing a diverse and innovative career, and they are increasingly being considered as leaders in the field of psychology.

The recent entry of a new generation of psychology PhD graduates into the profession means that the future of psychology in the country is looking brighter. 

References: A study by the University of Strathclyde (UK) shows that there is an increase in the number of psychologists who are women. 

Cultural studies graduate programmes in Ireland (MSP) are open to students who have a Master’s degree or above and have a background in cultural studies. 

 The Psychology Research Council of Ireland  (PRCI) provides a range the best graduate psychology training in Ireland. 

There are many graduate psychology programmes that offer advanced psychology courses such as Psychologie, Psychology in Education and Psychology for Education which are not open to graduate students. 

Purdue University offers a PhD program in psychology and there are a number of PhD programs that have a similar structure to the PGPD. 

Belfast University offers PhD programmes in psychology, Psychiatric psychology and cognitive neuroscience. 

Phd courses at St Mary’s College in Dublin are accredited by the British Psychological Society and are taught in the UK. 

In general, graduate programs are open to all students regardless of level of education and are well-funded. 

Read more about psychology: For more information on psychology, please visit the Irish University’s website.