September 6, 2021

A new book out this month claims that “Fifty Shadows” author E.L. James is the reason why “Flesh and Blood” creator Lauren Groff is scared of the world.

James’ novel, which is based on the true story of an Australian man who became a “serial killer” for more than a decade, won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best drama in 2015.

It was followed by the sequel, “The Longest Yard,” which premiered at Sundance in May.

The book is based upon a book by James, who told The Hollywood Reporter last month that he was “in denial about the way that I’d become a serial killer and a rapist,” because he “did not want to live as one.”

James told the outlet that he’s “fear[ing] being in the same situation as a serial murderer, and I have to be able to do something different.”

The author also said that Groff has a “genuine fear of the outside world” that “has led her to create a new world.”

James explained that Grof is “feared of the invisible.”

In her book, “Fear of The Unknown,” Groff described her fear as a “fearsome and terrifying” fear, and the author told The Reporter that it’s why she has a fear of strangers and the unknown.

“The idea of ‘fearing the unknown,’ is not a new one, but I think we’ve all seen it in stories, in movies and in stories of people who are scared to death of being found out,” she said.

“It is a fear, I think, that exists inside of every human being.”

She also shared her thoughts on the recent spate of gun violence that has rocked America.

“When you think about the violence, you think, Oh, that’s so awful, and yet we live in a world where guns and guns are not used,” she told The Wrap.

“And then you think: ‘Oh, that was all the result of people being ignorant, and being unable to stop these things happening, and not being able to intervene and stop this.'”

James told the publication that he and Groff “have worked together for more or less a decade,” but that they’re still “not in agreement” about how to tackle the issue.

“I know she is, as you say, in denial about it,” he said.

“But I think it’s something that I’ve worked on for a long time.

I think she is afraid of the things that are not quite right in her world, and that’s something she has worked on, and she has been really good about it.

I’m not sure she has an understanding of it.””

Flesh And Blood” is set in 2019, when a man named Luke (Ben Foster) begins committing horrific murders.

In the book, he takes the name James “Farther” James.

James also revealed that he has been working on a new novel since last year.