August 9, 2021

Carmel, Calif.

— Carmel is hiring psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists and other professionals to help the city of Carmel and surrounding communities, including its schools.

“We are hiring for positions that require an individual with a degree in psychology, behavioral or developmental medicine or clinical social work,” Carmel Police Department spokeswoman Nicole Anderson said.

“This position is in the public safety department and is not being considered for a position with a private employer.”

Anderson said Carmel police will hire for positions, which require an undergraduate degree or a general education certification.

“Some of these positions require prior experience and experience in a community,” she said.

The Carmel City Council passed a law in 2016 requiring schools to hire at least one mental health professional to work in a school setting.

Anderson said police would not be hiring for that position.

“The goal is to make sure we are hiring people that have the training to provide a safe environment, to provide an educational experience for our children and to serve as a resource to those in need,” Anderson said of the hiring.

Carmel police have a high demand for psychologists.

In 2016, Carmel had a need for 4,400 counselors and mental health workers, Anderson said, adding that the city had not yet received any new applications for counselors and therapists.

“This is a job that we need to be filling, and we are going to make good on the commitment,” Anderson added.